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Henna Glitter Kit

  • $34.23


  • This is the unique temporary tattoo kit with 24 colors of glitter.
  • It comes with the 130pieces pattern!
  • Waterproof, can last up to 5-10 days. (Do not rubbing while bathing)
  • Rather than Airbrush tattoo, Glitter Tattoos make it easy to create flash tattoos in just a few steps.
  • Simply press on the stencil, brush on the adhesive, remove the stencil, and brush on glitter.
  • You can use Shimmer Glitter Tattoos anywhere...arms, back, face, really anywhere!
  • Perfect for parties, sleepovers, sporting events, or just for something fun to do.
  • It can give you the most fashionable tattoo style.