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Super Sticky Nanotechnology Gel Pads

  • $14.99

Using innovative nanotechnology, these sticky gel pads will hold onto your phone, GPS, drinks, keys, or really anything for days without losing its grip.

The possibilities are endless with these sticky gel pads! We offer them in a clean, stealth black, making them appropriate for a variety of spaces.

  • Stick them to the wall and perfectly hold your phone for video calls.
  • Stick a GPS system to your car’s dashboard
  • Keep your coffee cup stable on your desk
  • Hide a key under a plant
  • Whatever you need to stick!

These gel pads are safe to use on practically any surface. Put them anywhere that you want just a little bit of extra grip:

  • Car dashboard
  • Desk
  • Nightstand
  • Fridge
  • Whiteboard
  • Any material

These pads are super easy to clean. If they ever become greasy or dirty, just wash them with warm water, and they'll return to their original stickiness.

Thanks to the powerful built-in nanotechnology, you can reuse these sticky pads over and over for years with the same stickiness that you enjoyed from the first time.

Customize the shape and size of your sticky pad. They come in a size of 4 inches (10cm) and if you want to customize to fit a smaller area, simply trim the pad with regular scissors for a custom fit.